Growshapes is the number one and certified U.S. reseller of DAVID Structured Light 3D Scanners developed in Koblenz, Germany, now owned by HP.  Founded in Silicon Valley in 2012, Growshapes have built a strong network of 3D technology related companies with an edge in linking European companies to Silicon Valley. Growshapes is focused on serving customers in all verticals from automotive to architecture that would like to step up their innovation using the latest 3D scanning and printing related technologies. We strive on excellent customer service, fast delivery of products and competitive pricing.

3D scanning digitally captures physical objects and generates an analogous 3D model. This provides organizations from medical, engineering, design to art  with the capability to study, measure and analyze physical objects like never before through 3D point clouds empowering them to push the boundaries of innovation.

Growshapes is specialized in reselling 3D scanners but are also in partnership with Octave to provide our 3D scanning customers with the best 3D printers to enable customers to not only create 3D point clouds of physical objects, but also replicate them using 3D printers.  It can be difficult to navigate the dizzying array of 3D printers and scanners available on the market today, and new devices are constantly invented. We can assist and we provide the industry’s best hardware and software to enable successful 3D scanning and 3D printing projects.